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Mission Preservation Complete!

With restoration complete, the U.S. Navy A7E Corsair on display at Edwardsville Township Park will be raised back to its display pylon by Keller Construction on Thursday, October 26 at 12:00 p.m. The restoration is the culmination of a multi-year project to restore the historic aircraft, which had remained on the pylon since it was originally installed in Township Park…

A-7E Corsair II Removal – Photos and Videos

Below you can find images and videos from the May 15, 2017 lowering of the A-7E Corsair II at Robert C. Stille Edwardsville Township Park. This action was the first step in restoring the airplane to its display ready condition.    

The Airplane in Photos

Why does the plane need restored?

These pictures show the corrosion, the chipped paint, and the faded markings on the U.S. Navy A-7E Corsair II. We would like to bring the plane back to the condition in which it should be kept to honor the men and women in our community who served and continue to serve our Nation. The pictures below were taken Monday May 23, 2016.

Pictures of the plane as of 5/19/2014.

Delivery and Installation of the plane in 1991.

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Video of the dedication of the U.S. Navy A-7E Corsair II.

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