Edwardsville Township Approves Contract for Aircraft Restoration

On October 26, 2016, Township Supervisor Frank Miles announced that the Township Board has approved a contract for the restoration of the historic U.S. Navy A-7E Corsair II on display at the Robert C. Stille Edwardsville Township Community Park. The Township Board approved a contract with the Flight Deck Veterans Group, a nationwide nonprofit organization based in Tennessee that restores aircraft as a part of its mission of veterans serving veterans and to pass on the history and legacy of veterans and flight deck operations.

Now we are asking for residents to come forward with any connection that they may have to the aircraft. “As we learn more about our historic aircraft, we want to know how our residents are connected to the aircraft or to A7 Corsairs. Maybe their family member served on the USS Nimitz during this time or helped to build or repair A7 Corsairs. Who was at the park 25 years ago when the aircraft was delivered? We are looking for local connections to our aircraft, said Supervisor Miles.


Read the entire press release here.

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